Health Care Interview

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Week 4 Health Care Interview June 3, 2013 Week 4 Health Care Interview For this assignment, I am interviewing my cousin who happens to be a nurse in Arizona. The reason I picked her instead of someone local is because she was someone who I never would have thought would ever become a nurse, much less graduate from high school. She was always getting into trouble, causing trouble, and just seemed as though her life was headed nowhere. She ended up married and pregnant at 18 and a couple of years after that she was working as a nurse at a Sharp Hospital in San Diego before moving to Arizona. I am so proud of her because not only did she turn her life around, she really does know her job inside and out. If I have a medical question,…show more content…
She believes that she did receive the basic tools in patient communication and care planning from her education. She took a Regional Occupational Program (ROP) class, although she recommends this sort of course only to those who are determined, focused, and serious about bettering themselves in a short amount of time, otherwise, she would suggest to get into a program through the local community college or enroll in a nursing program at a university. She initially took the program here in San Diego at the Grossmont Health Occupations Center in Santee, which she completely endorses and recommends because they taught her what she needed to learn, helped her find a job and they are also accredited. She has since taken the courses needed for her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) at one of the colleges in Arizona. When asked what similar positions were like in other organizations, she responded that most organizations refer their patients out to freestanding wound care clinics which are not only costly to the patient, they do not take the time to talk to the patients the way they do in her facility; that is a point of pride for her. After talking about a typical work day, I asked her what was the most important attribute for success in her current position and she said by putting
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