Health Care Is A Controversial Matter That Unceasingly

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Health care is a controversial matter that unceasingly comprises of disagreements within the government. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one hot button issue that has been in the news since being signed into law. The act was designed to increase health insurance quality and affordability, lower the uninsured rate, and reduce the costs of healthcare. Under the act, health care practices transformed monetarily, technically, and clinically to initiate better health outcomes, lower costs, and improve methods of distribution and accessibility. Meanwhile in result of the act, many health private insurance companies canceled plans for over a million people because they did not comply with the ACA’s essential health benefits. The Affordable…show more content…
The health care issue events and course of Obama’s Affordable Care Act can be explained utilizing the policy process model on page 16 in our class book. I. Issue Definition This stage is a political process that transforms a problem into an issue that the government can address (Fowler, 2013). It is in this stage that the Democrats developed a striking image of healthcare issues and associated alluring goals to gain public support. They presented their case on why healthcare should be improved. Two top issues involved health care costs and the quality of health care systems. Coordinated care helps ensure that patients, especially the chronically ill, get the right care at the right time, with the goal of reducing hospital readmissions, avoiding duplication of services, preventing medical errors, and saving Medicare money (Carper, n.d.). By way of funding and support, substantial variations to improve health care delivery systems can be implemented. II. Agenda Setting An issue must be placed on the policy agenda and must be given a great deal of governmental attention. While the idea of promoting health care reform may have been fabricated up as a political maneuver, there was considerable support for changes to the existing manner in which health care is provided in the United States among many Americans and their elected officials. The task was enormous, and the implications yet to be fully determined, but the 2,000-page bill that

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