Health Care Is A Public Health Issue

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Health care is a public health issue that continues to trouble different countries yearly. There is always a debate on whether health care is a human right issue or if it is just a luxury. Every year, it is always heard on the news about how a country is trying to improve their health care system, but there are always roadblocks that hinder the bill from passing. This paper will discuss about the best and worst parts of other countries’ health care systems, previous problems that the U.S health care had, the best and worst parts of the Affordable Care Act, and discussing a component of another countries’ health care that is being integrated with the U.S health care. All of the countries mentioned in Sick around the world had major benefits and downfalls associated with their healthcare. The United Kingdom’s best benefit was that the citizens pay $0 for any health care service, but since the health care is free, the citizens have a long waiting list for elective care. The best part about Japan’s health care is that it is cheap and everyone is three times healthier, but since the costs are so cheap, half of the doctors are in financial deficits. Then, Germany’s best asset of their health care is that not only does their health care cover regular medical costs, but also it covers holistic care. But, since the prices are lower, the doctors do not make as much money. Taiwan has a great benefit called a Smart Card that has every patient’s history to keep order between different
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