Health Care : Is It Working?

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Joanne Bruce Professor Duffy Critical Thinking July 31, 2014 Health Care today, is it working? For decades, insurance companies and politicians have merely proclaimed that the United States had excellent health care system in the whole world, but as it’s main shortcomings become more perceptible and visible; Americans do not have health insurance and thus, they are aware of the fact that our health care is no longer working for everybody, and there is increasing recognition that most problems including up surging costs and inaccessibility of the heath care, which forms a real health care crisis. Therefore, this paper aims to determine whether the current health care system is working. There are several factors that may be used to determine if our current health care system is working or not. It has been reported that the United States health care system is the most expensive one in the world. There are several reasons behind the rising cost of health care system in the United States. These include but not restricted to higher cost of medical technology, prescription drugs and the high cost of administrative. The higher the cost of health care can be attributed to the complexity of the payer system. Additionally, the shift of non-profit care to for- profit health care providers has greatly contributed to the rising costs of our health care. There is a higher percentage of population living
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