Health Care Is The Need Of Maintenance And Improvement Of Your Mental And Physical Care Essay

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Panuly Xiong PHIL 4 Final Essay For my topic on this essay is about whether or not everyone should have access to healthcare. Healthcare is the need of maintenance and improvement of your mental and physical care. It is where you get check-ups from doctors, and receive prescribed medicine. In my perspective about this matter, I believe that everyone should have access to healthcare. There are some who cannot afford healthcare because the expenses of medical care are too much for them to pay for. A few people who has access to healthcare are Obamacare and prisoners. In most cases, homeless people have purposely gotten arrested just to get free healthcare while being locked up. Health care is a main topic that is also discussed roughly to be given the right or not. The argument of healthcare has been a hotly contested issue among many if not all people around the world, with the advent of early detection and preventative medicine the cost of such procedures and equipment have also advanced and increased. The sentiment is that people want the greatest healthcare but are not able to afford some if not all the climbing costs without some form of financial assistance. The idea of health insurance has been around for a long time, but the overwhelming cost has mostly outweighed the advantage it poses. The annual premium spent on healthcare in 2015 was USD $15,475 , with the mean income in the United States totaling USD $50,000 that totals 30% of total income that would have to be
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