Health Care Issues Of Nepal

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Health Care Issues in Nepal
(By Krishna Prasad Subedi)


The newly formed constitution of Nepal (2015) has recognized the health care services as basic rights of people and promised that government will provide the reproductive right, safe environmental right and free primary health care for every citizen in the country. Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has launched a basic program to improve the health care services in Nepal. But for this plan the political vision of an inclusive society should be necessary. Thus, access to health care is now protected as a constitutional right for all. Many things are becoming bottlenecks to improve healthcare sector in Nepal such as poverty, corruption, and political instability. Public health institutions have yet to be proved as reliable health institutions for rural citizens. Recently there has been seen some positive signal too because the government has announced to cure some of the expensive diseases as free in some hospitals such kidney dialysis and transparent, cancer, heart and so forth.

Health Problem

• Not sufficient health centers in rural areas and hospital as well
• Not enough medical treatment
• Health workers and doctors don’t want to go to remote areas
• Remote people have to depend on the witch doctors
• Private hospitals are too expensive
• Government hospitals are not enough
• Government hospitals are not properly prepared in terms of modern equipment


• Nepalese Health condition is
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