Health Care Issues: Radiation Exposure and Acute Radiation Syndrome

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Running Head: Health Care Issue Health Care Issue With the advancement of technology, medical sciences have also reaped benefits out of the advanced and systematic techniques and methods for treatment. One such advancement comes in from radiation development and treatment for a number of diseases that were difficult to diagnose and present a treatment. Radiation therapy has been discovered to be the most effective treatment of cancers and is known to be the most viable and frequently used treatment method for cancerous cells in human body. There are three types of treatments used with radiation namely External beam radiation therapy, internal radiation therapy and Radioisotope therapy. Radioisotope therapy makes use of transmitting isotopes in the bloodstream to target the treating cells in human body. Internal radiation therapy or Brach therapy places the radiation directly to eliminate the cancerous tumors (Khan, 2010). The advantage in this type of therapy is that it is kept from other healthy cells as minimal as it could be. The external beam radiation uses X-ray images to help diagnose the symptoms and treat outwards through medications. The uses are not limited to treating cancerous cells but also the radiations are used to make diagnosis in human body by presenting clear images of internal organs and cellular systems. These are the long lasting benefits of radiation usage however; it implies number of health hazards, which are causing severe health problems on the
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