Health Care Issues: Right or Privilege

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Running head: HEALTH CARE ISSUES: RIGHT OR PRIVILEGE Health Care Issue: Right of Privilege “America is the technological superpower, the wealthiest nation in the world, and spends significantly more of its gross national product, and spends more per person, than any other nation in the world on health care. So where, then, does America stand on health?” (Lerner & Loman, 2005, p. 1). The purpose of this essay is to discuss and explore whether U.S. health care should be a right or a privilege. Many Americans feel that although the United States leads most of the world in medical advances and technology, the healthcare system is broken. A great number of people go without the care…show more content…
The problem with Healthcare is that it cannot be solved without violating the Constitution. If health care is a right, it will also be a responsibility and an obligation to the government to ensure every person receives proper and equal medical care at any medical facility regardless of race, religion, status, preexisting conditions or age. Public proposals of universal healthcare for every citizen have been the focus of much political debate. Children do not have the right to choose an insurance plan for themselves, and many parents do not want or qualify for insurance. Clearly, justice for these children and others in a similar situation demands a health insurance plan that covers them, even if their parents choose not to be covered. Healthcare: A Privilege Health care in America is not a right. Health care is a product that can be purchased by an individual or by an employer for an employee. Most of the nonsensical labeling of it being a right is just another tactic to make the working tax paying citizens pay for those who cannot or will not provide for themselves. Many times people who are crying loudly about their rights are those who want others to provide them free services and goods. Everyone has access to health care; however, not everyone is willing to pay for it. Being poor or old is not an excuse. Medicare and Medicaid already cover those groups. It is not the working taxpaying citizen who is crying for
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