Health Care Marketing Reflection Essay

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Health Care Marketing Reflection Essay "Markets change, tastes change, so the companies and the individuals who choose to compete in those markets must change."( Wang, n.d. as cited by Morrison, p. 113). In modern medicine, disease treatment is more importance than disease prevention, as doctors focus more on treatment of symptoms of rather than determining its root cause. This is mirrored in the media by the large numbers of direct-consumer advertisements aimed at persuading patients themself to ask their doctors about various drug. Direct consumer marketing in the health-care industry is allowed in the USA. The health-care industry includes numerous subdivisions devoted to make available health-care services and products. The…show more content…
It is true that the patients are more willing to discuss their symptoms as they saw those symptoms referred in the advertisements, but this does not improve the patient communication, as most of the patients are only interested in asking for a prescription as advertised with barely any information of the relevant medical facts. The doctors when asked for a specific prescription may give it to the patient, rather than talk more about the condition leading to over medicated and unhealthy society. “Not enough lashes? Ask your doctor about LATISSE- the first and only FDA-approved treatment that grows lashes longer, fuller and darker.” (Allergan, Inc. 2010). The commercial featuring Brooke Shields, a celebrity urging customers to use Latisse to grow fuller lashes. Sometimes the consumer does not even look at the side effect; if it’s good for the celebrity it is good for them. Advertisements like these use strategies that generate false impressions, manipulate, and lead on consumers instead of enlightening them about the drug. Most advertisements are impractical in representing medicines part in attaining health, downplaying drug risks, presenting visual elements to distract consumers like an antihistamine commercial showing a moving buzzing bee as the risk information is read. Various advertisements show people reclaim full control of their lives after consuming the drug. The advertisements do

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