Health Care Marketing Strategy

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With globalization expanding the market and increasing the number of service providers at the disposal of consumers, marketing has become a vital tool in the healthcare sector. Initially, marketing of healthcare services was illegal as was directed by American Medical Association code of conduct. However, the nullification of these directives in the late 1980s opened a new chapter in the health care sector. Currently, marketing is an essential tool for communication between healthcare providers and their customers. Marketing strategies like target marketing, use of social media and advertising are the ones being utilized by the healthcare organizations to reach out to their
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One key aspect of marketing is that its customer oriented and its understanding in the healthcare sector aims at meeting the needs of the patients. However, it took time before the health sector formally adopted marketing activities in its operations. According to Berkowitz (2016), the first advertising and promotion activities in the health sector took place in 1975. As Berkowitz (2016) explains, this lack of marketing mentality in the health care was caused by the restrictions established by the American Medical Association (AMA), in their 1847 code of conduct. With these limitations in place, it was illegal to carry out any marketing activities like promotion and advertisement for medical services. However, the legal battle between the American Medical Association and the Federal Trade Commission led to the elimination of these policies as the court ruled that communication is an essential component in all business activities and that the policies restricting advertisement by the AMA deprived the customers the vital information they required to assist them in decision making. According to Berkowitz (2016), the nullification of the AMA restrictions after the court battle opened a new chapter in the United States medical sector as…show more content…
Healthcare organizations use various marketing strategies like advertising, social media marketing, packaging, and target marketing to inform the consumers about the products and services. Unlike the old days where advertising of medical service was illegal, the current healthcare organizations depend on intensive marketing activities to popularize the products and improve information availability to the consumers.

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