Health Care Model Of Care

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Introduction: Health is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a ‘state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ (Dempsey, French, Hillege & Wilson, 2009). With the various health inequalities within Australia the WHO developed the ‘Primary Health Care Model’ with a key goal of developing “better health for all” (World Health Organization, 2014). The Primary Health Care model is the first level of care in which individuals have contact with the health care system which is managed by various health professionals outside of the hospital such as your local General Practitioner (GP). The Primary Health Care model provides therapeutic treatments in cooperation with…show more content…
Primary Health Care Model: Origin of what the healthcare model is: The World Health Organization (WHO) had a major role in promoting and developing the Primary Health Care model to address the major health inequalities within Australia and between other countries. The Primary Health Care model provides the community with affordable, easily accessible treatment and disease prevention strategies to improve health and quality of life for all (Talbot & Verrinder, 2010). The Primary Health Care model “forms an integral part of the country 's health system… and it is the first level of contact of individuals, the family and community have with the national health system bringing health care as close as possible to where people live and work, and constitutes the first element of a continuing health care process” (Hall & Taylor, 2003, page 18). The main goal to arise out of the Primary Health Care model was to achieve ‘Health for all by the Year 2000’ (Fleming & Parker, 2007, page 29). Targets that were set to help achieve ‘Health by the Year 2000’ were that five percent of gross national product should be spent on health, safe drinking water should be available to all within a fifteen minute walk, adequate sanitary facilities and that at least 90% of all children should have a weight that corresponds to the national average weight values of children of the same age (Australian Government,
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