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University of Phoenix Material Health Care Museum Part 1: Health Care Hall of Fame Museum Proposal Development Description Analysis (How does the development affect the current U.S. health care system?) 1. Surgery A surgical procedure is medical treatment that involves a physician cutting into a patient’s body to repair or remove something. Surgery procedures have existed since prehistoric man. In 1540 C.E. barbers and surgeons united to form The United Barber-Surgeons Company. These barber-surgeons performed tooth extractions and bloodletting procedures. As our knowledge grows, so do our abilities. Some procedures such as tracheostomy, described in detail by Paul of Aegina (625-690 AD), remain pertinent today while others…show more content…
Over time the coverage has expanded to include disabled citizens and those with end stage renal disease. Medicare gives medical access to many people who would not have it otherwise. Medicare is the government’s first program associated with public health insurance. Since then the U.S. has seen Medicaid and now recently the Affordable Care Act. Essentially, these are government programs designed to ensure care for citizens. These programs expand health care. As more people are able to have health coverage, more health care services become needed. While these programs provide protection they also stimulate growth within the medical field. Part 2 How does everything connect? Write up a comprehensive overview of how these events evolved into each other. First on my list is surgery. While child birth has been around since the dawn of man, modern birthing practices did not come into effect until the 1800’s. Surgical procedures on the other hand, have been dated back to 6500 hundred years before common era (BCE). Skulls found in France show signs of a rudimentary surgery called trepanation, which involves drilling a hole in the skull. (Heisler. J., 2014). Surgery has been a major health tool for a very long time and we are still improving upon it today. Technology comes second on the list because ever since man realized he could manipulate the body, tools have been needed to do so. Even the skulls in France required
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