Health Care Of The United States

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Every country worldwide has it 's own way of providing and making health care available for its citizens. More specifically, the developed nations all have their own system in how they make their health care available. Some are more expensive, some provide better quality of care, some are available to all citizens and some are available only to those who can afford it. For the first time in United States history, a health care act has passed, that will claim to insure everyone nationwide regardless of their income. This act adopted is also know as the ACA. This paper will go into detail about health care that is provided not only in the US, but in other countries world wide. We will discuss the benefits of certain systems and the pros and cons of some of the systems. The costs, the most successful, the increased access to primary care providers, the use of technology, and what needs reform.

Health care providers in the United States are largely owned by the private sector. Most of the United States provision and spending comes from programs such as Medicare, and Medicaid. Whereas most Americans under the age of 65 and are not disabled are insured by their employer, paying for their own insurance, or are just left uninsured. The United States is currently 50th out of 221 nations in terms of life expectancy from 78 years of age up from 75 years of age in 1990, and only 27th out of the 34 industrialized countries. That is down 14 positions from 20th in 1990. The US system is
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