Health Care Of The United States

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Health care remains a troubling problem that Americans must face day to day. The rising cost of medical care and health insurance is impacting the livelihood of many Americans in one way or another. Even people who have decent insurance coverage, through an employer or government program, are finding that the current healthcare system is making it more difficult to get the care they require at a price they can afford. From lack of access to preventative care and the high cost of medical treatment, many Americans would agree that health care reform needs to happen. The United States has access to the finest doctors, the best medications, cutting edge technology, and the best treatments available. The problem is the health care system has become appallingly unbalanced. Millions of people, both insured and uninsured, cannot access the excellent health care that the United States has to offer due to high costs. In regards to access, quality, and efficiency, the United States ranks last out of 19 industrialized nations in quality of care. Furthermore, the health care payment system in the United States is based on profitability. If American health care providers want to stay in business, they must perform more duties in less time, see more patients a day, and look for other ways to be more profitable. Appointments that should take 20 minutes are now being completed in 10 minutes, mostly handled by a nurse. This results in more mistakes, missed diagnoses, and more…
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