Health Care Of The United States

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Health Care in the United States
Matthew Glennon
Ivy Tech Community College

The aim of this paper was to gather and find information over universal health care. Research will demonstrate the varying ideas on universal health care. The goal of the paper for the reader is to inform them well enough on the topic to be able to pick a side and make a solid argument. The reader will be informed on different ideas that surround universal health care. The combined sources should be enough information for both sides of the argument. Keywords: Healthcare, health, care, universal health

Universal Health Care in the United States Every single human being is going to need a doctor. Why should they be charged for something they need? It is the government 's job to protect the people and make sure they get what they need. It is a common fact that over 40 million Americans have no health care. The government should help fund its citizens health care costs because the costs of health care are too high and people will always need health care. A poll on has shown that 78% of pollies say the United States should have universal healthcare. Some of the main points they argue is that healthcare is a human right and it would lower the total cost of healthcare overall. Arguments against state that comparing two counties isn’t reliable and there would be waiting lists. A counter to this argument is some…

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