Health Care Of The United States

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The United States, a rich and well known nation that is known to be a world superpower. Yet can 't seems to figure out healthcare. It is illogical for powerful first world countries to be dominating industries while struggling to provide universal healthcare, it is wealthy enough to afford it, it saves the lives of many, improves overall performance, and a right to health care is a human right. It doesn 't make sense how countries with a lower GPD have access to universal healthcare and have a longer life expectancy than the U.S. Which raises the question, why are there so many Americans that have not gone to the doctors in years? Why are many Americans plagued with terminal diseases with no means of treatment is provided? To those who are…show more content…
Understanding how to manage the country 's money is a good start; a problem could be how it is being distributed. In 2011, the United States spent 8,508 per person on Healthcare. That amount sounds insane considering other countries spend less than half per person on healthcare and it is for everyone. With the excess amount of spending the U.S does you 'd think everyone would be insured. It’s estimated that 18, 314 Americans die due to the lack of medical insurance (Andrew ,2009). These numbers do not seem to add up, with the amount being spent you could easily reduce the number by half and keep the economy the same. Money is a tool, yet is being used incorrectly. As a country, the United States should budget and manage their money. Not to benefit the country immediately, but in the long run when everyone can go the doctor 's office and do not have to think about co-payments or an insane bill waiting for them at the end of the month. America has many problems and taking care of its citizens is a big one. Typically, citizens make enough money to live and view health care as a luxury item for richer people. There is corruption in a nation that overcharges average people for medical bills they can 't afford to pay. That only pay their citizens a minimum wage when prices are skyrocketing.
In addition, the benefits of saving lives and improving the performance of citizens will
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