Health Care Of The United States

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Introduction: Over the past few decades, health care industry in the United States is facing three major problems related to quality, costs, and access. The healthcare expenditure in the United States has increased drastically over the years and the United States still rank top in health care spending when compared to other top nations in the world. Despite having high healthcare expenditure, Americans have limited access to health care, spends higher costs for the procedures and getting poor health care outcomes. In a recent study conducted by commonwealth fund, it estimates that the United States health care funding is approximately two times higher than top 13 nations in the world. [1] This report also concludes that despite having high health care expenditure, health care costs in the United States are very expensive and outcomes are worst when compared to other nations, which spends less gross domestic product on healthcare. To address these limitations in health care industry in United States, on March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the patient protection and affordable care act into law. [2] Overview of patient protection and affordable care act The patient protection and affordable care is a one of the most comprehensive and expensive healthcare reform act with an aim of improving health care access, improving quality and reducing costs. There are several provisions in the patient protection and affordable care act addressing these limitations of the
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