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Autra Dunn Health Care/Older Adult (Web) November 30, 2014 LaKisha M. Johnson Safe Haven or Hell Nursing Homes are a necessary and important facility needed for the care of our elderly. With age, come many disabilities and issues that cause the elderly to move into these homes away from their own. When loved ones get older and ill, it is sometimes impossible for them to be cared for at home. This is due to lack of training and or unavailability of time to attend to them properly. Children and loved ones have to decide, along with medical support what is best for their loved ones. There are few options for caring for elders who cannot live independently. The families are forced to place their loved ones in these public facilities.…show more content…
Residing in a nursing facility provides seniors with a built-in social network of their peers. Senior residents can enjoy the company of others who are living in the same facility and share their experiences. Many senior citizens suffer from depression due to feelings of isolation from living alone and not having access to social outlets. Gatherings within the nursing homes give the patients an opportunity to enjoy one another. Environment The nursing home staff will take care of laundry service – and nursing facilities provide all meals and snacks. Many facilities offer various meal plans to cater to different tastes and dietary requirements. Some facilities also offer meal planning services with a licensed dietitian to ensure that their residents are enjoying a healthy and balanced diet. One of the most obvious benefits of skilled nursing facilities is the personalized health care services offered to residents. These services typically include regular administration of daily prescriptions, medical attention when needed, emergency medical services, 24-hour health monitoring services. Having on-site medical care available from registered nurses and health care providers is crucial to a senior’s safety and well-being. Living in nursing facility offers seniors a protected environment to help insulate them from possible abuse. Nursing homes offer greater levels of security and protection than seniors who are living alone or un-supervised. While
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