Health Care Organization : An Aggressive Complex System Essay

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1.0 INTRODUCTION: Health care organization is an aggressive complex system which describes the functions and characteristic features of health care service providers and explains the knowledge and concepts health care management in detail and takes preventive measures to reduce uncertainty and enhance to develop several health care services to the individuals to maintain and regulate the integrity and effectiveness of the health care organization and professionals (Wilson, 1980). This report describes the governance views, objectives, strength and weaknesses in health care system, management in health 2.0 GOVERNANCE: 2.1 Definition: Defined as process of action towards reaching the goal and the activities derived legally and the policies are framed with respect to social responsibilities and provide effective service to the community (Rosenau, 1990). Governance mainly focuses on decision making, framing the policies and utilization of resources to the nation. Universally governance is the system where the citizens of the nation are controlled and influenced by the government and also responsible in providing services (Smerdon 1998, p. 1) (Aoki 2000, p. 11) 2.2 Good governance: Good governance so called when delivering beneficial needs to the individuals and taking actions according to the situations. It usually promotes the community which helps in development. The fundamental principle of good governance tells about the development of the community, followed by the

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