Health Care Organization

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Hospitals around the United States Hospitals were not always large, nor did they have the technology that is used in today’s time. Hospitals did not exist until around 1736, in which they were referred to as almshouses (Hospitals, 2013). Almshouses were first founded in New York and could treat up to 6 or 7 patients at one time (Hospitals, 2013). After the New York almshouse was successful, new hospitals started to appear all over the United States. The US now has around 5,000 community hospitals that facilitate to people in need of medical attention (American Hospital Association, 2014). The 5,000 hospitals are broken down into for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations. All of the hospitals have the common goal of…show more content…
Governmental and public hospitals total a little over 1,000 around the United States (American Hospital Association, 2014). The state and locally owned hospitals focus on patient care and profits. The state and federally owned hospitals receive money through state and federal taxes, grants, and federal funding. Indian and Veteran hospitals receive funding from the government and from private sectors state owned (Becker, 2014). Federal and state hospitals may not have a lot of funds at their disposal at all times which cause cut back and layoffs at these types of hospitals. These hospitals are prone to financial freezes due to budget issues or lack of funds. Government hospitals also receive tax exemptions when it comes to paying income taxes and property taxes (Congressional Budget Office, 2006). The Military or Veterans hospitals only service people that have or are currently serving in the military or are a government official. The insurance that is used to cover military or veterans is called Tricare. The Indian hospital only treats patients that have an Indian card or live close to or on the reservation. State and local community hospitals treat any and all patients that seek medical attention. The non-profit, for-profit, and governmental hospitals have certain policies and financial forms that are unique to each organization. The non-profit
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