Health Care Organization's Mission And Vision

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Health care today strives to delineate their core values in the public eye with clear integrity and with intent to provide health care as stated in their mission, vision, and value statements. These statements are the daily endeavor health care organizations labor over consistently. In Miami, FL there is a state of the arts health care organization know as Jackson Health System. They are a massive health care organization comprised of three major hospitals, the only stand alone level one trauma center in the county, a level three neonatal intensive care unit, a transplant center, multiple specialty centers, and primary health care clinics to name just a few of the wealth in services available to the community. If I could sum up their mission, vision, and values in just a few words it would be the the health care system provider that reaches to provide the highest standard of excellence in health care. As an emergency room nurse working for this organization I will describe my unit’s mission, how nursing strengthen the organization’s mission and vision, the structure of the emergency room department, the centralized model they use, and some of the pros and cons to the use of a centralized model in the emergency room setting. I will explain key theories of how the organization is a social system, the benefits, risks, and definition of shared governance, and how their mission, vision, and values provide strategic direction to everyone involved in it’s operations. Mission,
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