Health Care Outcome Factors

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Health care outcomes are affected by factors both internal and external to health care organizations. External factors include individual lifestyle choices and community environments, while internal factors include the care provided at all organizational levels. This care is provided both indirectly and directly to patients through organizational units, departments, and multidisciplinary care teams. Research studies provide the opportunity for assessing both internal and external factors and creating an evidence base to improve health care outcomes (Finkelman, 2012; Schmidt & Brown, 2012).
The process of implementing these standards of care, however, requires more than empirical evidence. In order for new standards of care to be implemented within a health care organization, results of the research studies must be made accessible through the process of publication and establishment of practice guidelines. Additionally, a review process of relevant publications and established standards of care must become a part of organizational process for quality improvement and policy development. Once developed, these procedural-policies must then be implemented through the organizational units, departments and direct-care teams (Young, 2012).
Incorporating procedural-policy changes into daily organizational operations requires both team…
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