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Health Care Reform Pros and Cons Halcyone Russell Strayer University Professor Beth Cox Politics, Policy And Ethics in Public Sector- PAD 510 December 2, 2011 Scientific evidence can be used in showing the positives of the Health Care Reform. If you lost your job next week your insurance would likely go with it. Excluding temporary programs like COBRA, losing your job basically means losing your health insurance too. Sure you can buy your own, but that can get expensive and there are often holes in the policy than with employer provided health insurance. Under a universal system, you don’t have to worry. Imagine you had to pay each month for access to use the police. If you lost your job and couldn’t afford the police bill and…show more content…
Bloated bureaucracies are sort of an American icon. We set up massive social welfare programs and they are abused by citizens and politicians alike. If a US universal healthcare plan were to generate a surplus, our idiot government would then borrow from it and ruin the whole system for everyone. The simple fact is our government can’t be trusted to handle social programs, whether it is from bureaucratic or demographic mismanagement. Anecdotal evidence can be used to show the cons of having the Health care Reform example if Patient care under Medicare will improve as pilot programs to improve efficiencies are implemented. Doctors and hospitals are encouraged to coordinate care through payment incentives. For the first time, Medicare will reward quality, not quantity; thus, bonus payments will be given to those doctors and hospitals that provide good quality care. The Constitution gives Congress the power to tax and spend money for the general welfare. This tax [PPACA] promotes the general welfare because it makes health care more widely available and affordable. Under existing law, therefore, the tax is clearly constitutional. Many important and popular government programs are based [on] Congress's ability to give incentives through taxation and redistribute tax revenues for public purposes. To strike down the individual mandate the Supreme Court would have to undermine many years of precedents justifying these programs that

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