Health Care Policy Debate

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In this paper will discuss the health care policy debate by explaining the current health policy debate regarding the Affordable Care Act. This paper will showcase the values, markets, and morals as well as the fairness and availability of care. It will look at who wins and who loses and discuss equity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Lastly, this paper will show my own experiences and opinions of the healthcare debate and where I stand on the subject. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in March 2010 the purpose of the act is to help uninsured individuals attain healthcare coverage at a reasonable price. “ Critics of the ACA have resurrected doubts about its cost-containment measures and overall fiscal impact.” (Orszag & Emanuel 2010) Values in Health Policy When looking at the value of health care policies we have to look at fairness and efficiency, the term efficiency wears a lot of caps, generally when efficiency suites one person it impacts the other person. One example is a cost analysis that was done on how much time it took for new patients to be treated at my current employer. They looked at how much time was used for each portion of the appointment. The results revealed that if the appointment time were shortened by ten minutes the facility would show a better profit because more patients would be seen. However, this frustrated the patients and families because they were being rushed through their appointments and the patient satisfaction scores were
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