Health Care Problems Of The United States

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Health Care Problems Many ways are used to measure how much Americans values life. Obviously, good health is a major factor of being happy and satisfied with an Americans’ life. People also place family, friends, and owners potential is very high on the list of value for health care insurance. Health care has become the stress to every person’s life. Health care controls everything a person does due to the draw backsdrawbacks of not having it when it is necessary, like breaking an arm or coming down with a deathly illness. You have to introduce your quotations “Health care reform will be on the agenda for future sessions of Congress, because the economic pressures of rising health care costs on the federal government, business, and…show more content…
In 1964, the Economic Opportunity Act was passed by Congress and this attacked poverty and health care at the roots of the problem. This program started neighborhood clinics and made jobs for the low class. This program also helped bring down prices at the hospital because people were getting help with their problems before it got to severe (PrinGreen). Meanwhile, the health care system today helps fifteen million people nationwide. About sixty percent of the citizens whose health care system helps them are below the poverty level which is fourteen thousand two hundred six dollars (Stanton). Two thirds of the people who the health care system takes care of are racial minorities. The health care system is helping employment dramatically; they have made over seventy-eight thousand full time positions; these are people in poverty stricken areas. These jobs have boost local business and economy helping the entire community. The health care 's main action is to prevent rather than to treat. The health care system has classes and meetings so one can go there and protect themselves and family from getting diseases and illness (Stanton). They teach everything from public hygiene, like washing hands after going to the bathroom, too symptoms of certain diseases. In fact, health care should be universal and a fundamental human right.This should be your thesis, instead of the vague sentence you wrote. Canada and other parts of the world
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