Health Care Products And Services Essay

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Consumer is a person who uses health care products and services. The term is used in place of others such as patient, citizen, user or receiver of health care. It is used to represent the intellect of a more independent and open provision of service delivery that has existed in the past. Some health care professionals therefore, may encourage consumer involvement in understanding their health care. The traditional paternalistic medical model was of the passive patient and active, treating doctor. The philosophy that “the doctor knows best” is however no longer accepted by many. People want more of a say in decision making and what is most important to the individual, the family and the community. The image of a compliant, trusting and uncomplaining, patient is fading as litigation becomes more of an everyday practice. Something good can come out of this practice in terms of improved documentation of health care, better informed decision-making processes with both benefits and harms discussed, legitimate informed consent for treatment and the measurement of performance outcomes in health care organizations. The concept of consumer (lay, public or community) participation in health care research is difficult to implement. Positively influencing confidence in making donations to a shared responsibility for health care research (and indeed one’s own health care) is very much a policy issue related to control and accountability. The latter factors may involve yourself, those
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