Health Care Professionals Essay

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Professional Development Assignment 4 Michelle Turner Aspen University Healthcare Systems N-502 Dawn Deem October 14, 2014 Professional Development Assignment 4 The various kinds of health professionals are educated in separate schools but with considerable overlap in curricula and training requirements. They are, however, expected to integrate their training and work together after graduation. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to professional education in terms of costs, educational efficiency, and patient care quality. List one advantage and one disadvantage for each. The structure of the U.S heath care system is certainly a topic greatly debated. Whether it is discussing the cost of health care, poor…show more content…
There are two main measures of medical underservice in the U.S., health professional shortage areas and medically underserved areas and some special need populations. Both measures require communities to apply for designation. These designations allow the government to target resources to those determined to be most in need (Colwill and Cultice, 2003). There are two principal conditions leading to physician shortages in rural communities according to Wright and colleagues. They are “demand-deficient”, meaning they have insufficient populations and resources to support a physician practice, they are “ambiance-challenged,” meaning they are isolated, lack quality services and amenities, and/or are in geographically unattractive settings, or a combination of the two sets of conditions. Inner-city physician shortages are a more recently recognized issue. They are affected by the same conditions, though the specifics are different (Wright, Andrilla, and Hart 2001). Living in rural Iowa this is an issue and a problem I have seen and experienced far too many times. One example I can think of would be my grandmother was in her seventies and was as spry as she had been in her fifties. She was in charge of anything and everything she could be in charge of. She spent her life working as an administrator in a popular company and was very prominent in her small community. She was popular with her peers
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