Health Care Promotion And Delivery And Research

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Among the numerous mankind diseases some of them are Cancer Diabetes , Cardiovascular disease, are life threatening disease and whole world suffer of this.
As we know that diagnosis is very important part of Treatment without it further treatment can not be possible sometimes diagnosis take very long time so this time consuming procedure we must be avoided in ordrer to take care of patient. The present scenario, the demand in the medical diagnostics has grown for the simple and disposable devices that also have seen fast response times, are user-friendly, cost efficient, and are most important suitable for mass production.Biosensor technologies has the potential to fulfill all these criteria by the help of an interdisciplinary combination of approaches from nanotechnology, chemistry and medical science and physics .

The ability to review status of Health , disease progression and onset, as well as monitor treatment outcome through a non-invasive method is the main aim to be achieve in health care promotion and delivery and research.
The early disease diagnosis is very important for patient survival and successful prognosis of the disease, so that sensitive and specific methods are required for that.

There are three essential ways to reach this goal:
-specific types of biomarkers that indicates a healthy or diseased state;
-a non-invasive approach to detect and monitor the biomarkers;
-the technologies to discriminate the biomarkers.…

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