Health Care Proposal Essay

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My New Proposal for a New System Jamelia Hamilton Axia College of University of Phoenix Health care is one of the most important benefits to the people of the United States. Everybody needs health care and some people need more medical attention than others and some people do not even need health care, except for their yearly exams. Today health care has many strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. I have come up with a new exam that will hopefully benefit everybody in some way. My vision for the new health care system is to one, make it more affordable for everybody in the United States. Two, to make sure that everybody receives the medical attention they need and deserve. The new health care plan I have come up with is called, …show more content…
Health care plan 1a would be the cheapest plan and would benefit most people. Now the health care plans cost would go up each plan. The more on the plan, the more you pay. It is the same way with the family plan. My health care proposal also really benefits elders. Today, elders have a really hard time paying for health care when they are on a fixed income. I believe that health care should a lot cheaper for elders. I believe that elders should receive discounts on their prescriptions and this proposal would take care of that. This health care proposal would make health care cheaper for elders by reducing the cost of prescriptions and doctor visits. This health care plan also eliminates health care for the people who do not need and gives medical attention to the ones who do need it. For example, the people who have long-term illnesses, but cannot pay for it because they cannot afford it or it is not in their current health care plan. The people who do have long-term illnesses in their health care plan, but do have a long-term illness would no longer have to pay for it, unless they became ill. This would help people realize what they are paying for and what they are not paying for. This proposal also proposes that kids who are suffering from long-term illnesses get paid so much money a year for health care expenses, well their parents or guardians would receive the money and the money could be used for bills or health
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