Health Care Provider And Faith Diversity : Final Draft

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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity: Final Draft Agatha Jalloh GRAND CANYON UNIVERSITY Spirituality in Healthcare HLT-310V Robert Vaughan May 15, 2016 Abstract An investigation was conducted about two faith Christianity and Buddhism and compared in different aspect of relating to healthcare. Sources of information are gathered from web sites, books, school resources and personal observations as a practicing Christian. The major themes and insights from the research, reinforcing the worldview questions and critical common component relating to healing such as prayer meditation and beliefs towards healthcare. Findings presented these two faiths having different foundation of worship, Christianity who believes in God as the creator of humans with heaven and earth. Buddhist believe in no Gods, no heaven or earth, and humans with all earthly things being coincidence. The importance of the patient`s faith when cared for by health care providers with different faith revels that Christians hope for healing through God, spiritually and through technology from the powers given to humans by God. Buddhist believed in self and no soul, having a healthy life is determined by lifestyle of the individual and relationship to each other in peace at all times. Christians hope for eternal life and resurrection and the Buddhist believe in Karma and rebirth, living a pure life earns a rebirth of a good recantation and a bad life leads to a rebirth of a wild and mean animal.

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