Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

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This paper will discuss three different religions that a health care provider may care for in the nursing field. It will discuss the spiritual perspective, as well as the critical components of healing, such as through prayer and meditation. The writer will give a brief summary of each religions belief. The three religions that will be discussed in this paper are Native American, Hinduism, and Buddhism. This paper will discuss what is important to people who are cared for of a particular faith by the health care provider who may have an entirely different belief system. The writer will discuss how a patient may view a health care provider who puts aside his or her own beliefs in the interest of the beliefs and practices of the patient…show more content…
An example maybe when caring for a Native American, a medicine man would be called if the patient so chooses. Many Hindu and Buddhist’s are vegetarian, so the nurse must assess this and support the patient’s choice not only with their diet but with their medication needs. Understanding the needs of the patient will help both the patient and the nurse. Thru the nurses understanding of the patient’s religion, she will not be surprised and maybe able to assist her patient with not only their physical healing but also their spiritual healing which is part of treating the whole person. It is important for the healing of the patient to have the respect of the staff in regards to the patients spiritual healing. Prayer, meditation, yoga, and the consumption of certain foods or herbs are all types of religious healing practices that staff must know about to help their patient to heal. Understanding the patients request of time alone to pray, meditate, or perform a spiritual ritual will help the patient to understand that the nurse recognizes the importance of accepting their belief. This is part of treating the whole patient; mind, body, and spirit and helping to bring about positive outcomes in their care. A Comparison of Faith and Healing As Christians, we are told that “You can get anything—anything you ask for in prayer—if you believe” (Matthew 21:22 LB). Shouldn’t we encourage our
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