Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

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Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity: First Draft
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Grand Canyon University: HLT 302
March 20, 2016

Abstract Christianity and Buddhism are two religions that believe very differently from one another. They have a different god; believe differently about how the world was created, what humans are and how we evolved. They have different beliefs on what happens after one dies, how we know what we know, and how we know right from wrong. These two religions even have a different idea on what we are supposed to achieve or do during our life time. Due to these differences, people of these religions have a different spiritual perspective on healing and they would like to be cared for by the doctors and nurses in different ways.
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In Buddhism, knowledge is gained through a series of works and scriptures. Aside from the collection of scriptures, families also teach Buddhists between right and wrong. Buddhism also has the Five Moral Precepts, which are: do not kill or harm anything living, do not steal, do not engage in sexual misconduct, do not lie and do not consume intoxicants, such as tobacco, alcohol or mind-altering drugs (ElGindy, 2013). Family is very important in Buddhism (Chen, 2016). In Buddhism, the meaning of human history is to achieve Nirvana. Spiritual Perspective on Healing In Christianity, physical and spiritual healing is found through Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate healer and only through His will can we be healed. (Stanley, 2014). In Buddhism, healing is found more through Karma. If one has been living a good life, he or she will have good karma and they are less likely to get sick. However, if they have been living a bad life, he or she will have bad karma, and that is the reason they get sick (Chen, 2016). In my opinion, I believe that a person is healed through Jesus Christ. Getting sick is not a punishment from God, it is a natural occurrence. By praying for healing, one can get healed. There are some instances in which He won’t heal us, but that is because He is ready for us to come home to be with Him.
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