Essay on Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity

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Running Head: HEALTH CARE PROVIDER AND FAITH DIVERSITY Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Kris Pearson Grand Canyon University HLT 302 February 12, 2011 Different religious groups have different believe system in the provision of the healthcare. The health personnel such as doctors and nurses should be aware of the religious beliefs of their patients for effectively delivering medical care. In provision of medical care, religious faith and beliefs of the patient is incorporated with the scientific medical care in offering a holistic medical to the patients. The medical personnel should take into the consideration the religious belief of the patient in the course of offering medical care to the patient. The…show more content…
Christians believe that when they die, they will go to heaven if they had lived according to will of God while in earth. The Buddha believes in rebirth after one dies and thus the patients see sickness and death as a stage in life where every person has to undergo through hence the patient in both religion see death not as the end but as a start of new life. Another similarity that exists between the Buddhism and Christianity religions is the moral precepts in Buddhism and commandments in Christianity. These moral codes in both religions help the patient to make choices on medical care given to him. In both religion for instance, procuring abortion is seen as murder and hence prohibited in both religions (Young & Koopsen, 2006). The differences the personal shared with me; was the belief between the Christianity and Buddhism in provision of medial care lie in practices of yoga and mediation by Buddha. The Buddha practices yoga to attain self confidence and the optimism that enables the patient to reduce suffering which he is undergoing. In Christianity on the other hand yoga is not practiced. In both Buddhism and Christianity, there are critical component of healing such as prayers, meditation, belief and yoga. In holistic medical care, the medical personnel must take care of all aspect of the patient which includes the body, the emotions and the spiritual. The doctors and nurses should ensure that that they offer all necessary support that is
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