Health Care Quality Among Racial And Ethnic Groups

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"Despite improvements, differences persist in health care quality among racial and ethnic minority groups." ("Disparities in Healthcare Quality Among Racial and Ethnic Groups", 2012) According to census data from 2010, African Americans received worse medical care than Whites for 41% of quality measures. They also had worse access to health care for 32% of access measures. Not only are there disparity in the quality of care for some minority groups, but disparities in access to care are common as well, especially in the Hispanic and Latino populations. According to the same 2010 census date, Hispanics received worse care than non-Hispanic-Whites for 39% of quality measures. In addition, they too had worse access to care than non-Hispanic Whites for 63% of access measures. Unfortunately, "racial and ethnic minorities are more likely than non-Hispanic Whites to be poor or near poor" ("Disparities in Healthcare Quality Among Racial and Ethnic Groups", 2012) In general, these poor and underserved populations receive worse care than higher-income people for roughly 47% of quality measures. Trust is the key to all efficient, prosperous, and harmonious relationships. Today, the patient can reach beyond trust in only his/her healthcare providers to verify health recommendations through other sources such as the internet. Supported by confirmation from different sources, the patient can proceed on firmer and more trustworthy information. Initial trust is supported by historic
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