Health Care Quality Reviews : Patient Safety, And The Risk Of A Falls

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In recent health care quality reviews, one standard, which remains a concern to patient safety, and the risk of a falls. During an inpatient admission, patients enter the facility due to a medical, surgical, or traumatic episode. Throughout the course of admission, they are testing, undergoing multiple procedures, and become adjusted to medication management within the healthcare setting. Admitted patients are experiencing exposure to injury by being at high risk for falls and ultimately obtaining experiencing injuries from falls within the healthcare setting.
On average acute care hospital facilities can experience 6 falls/1000 admissions (0.6%) to facilities. These occurrences are resulting in compromising the patient’s recovery timelines. Discharges are being delayed and coupled with added costs of the hospital stay; most hospitals have assigned this as an opportunity for improvement. All of these ramifications resulting from a patient fall. In this paper we will discuss inpatient hospital falls, what exposes a patient has to experiencing a fall while admitted, what hospital systems are doing to reduce the risk of falls and which preventative methods on reducing falls seems to work well. The incident may not be eliminated from occurring, however with prevention, occurrences can be reduced.
Current state of healthcare Safety Satisfaction
According to Press Ganey information which is obtained by surveys conducted by vendors that assess a variety of aspects related
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