Health Care Questions

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Health care questions
Legal statutes being applied in United States v. Gerber Case The anti-kickback statute is the one that is being applied in the case. This is seen where the physician is charged with paying doctors' fees that were termed as 'interpretation fees' for consultation services. Though there were claims that there was no sufficient proof that the doctors had received these fees, it was confirmed that they had indeed performed some services for the received fees. The court also stated that even though the fees were for future use, this was a violation of the statute.
Action to be taken to prevent physicians from referring Medicare patients to receive designated health services When a physician refers a Medicare patient to receive designated health services the law of physician self-referral has been broken. This prevents a physician from referring patients to entities where they have a financial relationship. To prevent this from happening again, physicians should be trained on the physician self-referral act and how violations arise. As per the act, they are liable for monetary fines or exclusion from federal health programs (Olson, 2010). This will prevent this from happening again.
Impact of mental health on the healthcare system Mental health impacts the healthcare system in many ways. First is that it reduces the ability of the patient to understand their rights which makes it difficult for them to improve their own quality of life. It also impacts
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