Health Care Reform : Ethical Challenges

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Health Care Reform: Ethical Challenges in the Era of Change
Claire A. Piepkorn
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Our country is at the beginning of a greatly anticipated and much needed health care reform. Such a transition brings to the forefront numerous important ethical issues. Many of us have been privy to the gloomy statistics about the high cost of our health care system and some of its less than stellar outcomes. The purpose of this paper is not to grumble about the current health care system, but instead to concentrate on the existing reform exertions, the ethical justifications for its creation, and the ethical challenges it brings. Adhering to the essential ethical principles during the policy development process safeguards a sensible approach to finding an adaptive combination of health care system components.
Keywords: Ethics, healthcare, healthcare reform, policy development, issues, healthcare politics

Health Care Reform: Ethical Challenges in the Era of Change
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers new ways for healthcare consumers and providers to hold insurance companies accountable. The intention of the law is to expand health care coverage to virtually all citizens of the United States by demanding the majority of people to have or purchase health insurance (Sorrell, 2012). The elements of the new law that affect nursing include insurance choices, insurance costs, rights and protection, and people age 65 and older. The
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