Health Care Reform, Leadership, And Different Types Of Followers Essay

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The Institute of Medicine has stated the following in one of their reports, “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, emphasizes that strong nursing leadership is necessary to improve patient safety outcomes and that the nursing profession must enhance its leadership role in health care redesign” (Fardellone, Musil, Smith, & Click, 2014, p. 506). As described by the Institute of Medicine, leaders in nursing have a vital role throughout the health care system (Fardellone et al., 2014). Nursing is moving in a new direction with help from the health care reform provided by the healthcare system in the United States (Reinhard, 2016). In the paper the following will discussed, regarding the future of nursing: health care reform, leadership, and different types of followers. Health Care Reform Health care reform is referring to the changes in health care policies. This reform is driven by the high cost of health care and the right to health care. Health care is focused on exploring and applying the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act addresses delivery issues within the current health care system and is working to improve them. Research is important in the Affordable Care Act in order to help individuals make informed health care decisions. The health care reform will affect bedside nursing practices, influence advanced primary care nurses and their billing of service, and even move nursing towards a new direction with the new health care system in the
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