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Health Care Reform
There has been a lot of talk and debate lately over Health Care Reform, as people are trying to answer the question – Should a universally accessible health care system be implemented in the United States (US)? This ongoing highly debatable issue remains a hot topic among US citizens from all walks of life, from the very poor to the very wealthy. Health Care Reform affects everyone. The vast majority of the US population is very dissatisfied with the current state of health care. According to the ABC News and Washington Post cooperative poll, 57 percent of Americans aren’t satisfied with the overall system of health care (Langer, 2009). Consequently, the issue of the Health Care Reform was born, but before analyzing the
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Moreover, Americans have quite a diverse outlook on health insurance and its applicability in different situations. The Washington Post poll stated that 49 percent of people affirm the idea of overall health insurance (if it is required). More importantly, the majority of respondents agreed on certain major points that insurance must contain and they are: special aid to the poor (70 percent), coverage of those, who have pre-existing conditions such as disability or chronic diseases (68 percent), must be offered by the employers (62 percent), and underinsured mustn’t pay into government funds (52 percent) (Langer,2009).
Most Americans are provided with some form of insurance either through their employer or an individual plan which is part of a public program such as Medicaid or Medicare. However, there are still 45 million people who lack coverage (Melisa Paradis, Janelle Wood, Mary Cramer, 2009). According to the governmental insurance plan, people who are underinsured must be protected and have an opportunity to buy suitable medical coverage through the insurance exchange. Yet the actual utilization of such an exchange is scheduled in the beginning of 2013, which indicates a considerable period of waiting. America’s Affordable Health Choices Act informs that people should be provided with standardized benefit packages in order to compare the

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