Health Care Reform : The Analysis Of Healthcare Reform

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The Analysis of Healthcare Reform The complexity of health care could take the rates on a massive trajectory that does not favor the people covered. Therefore, the financial protection that the levels of health insurance covers, help to guard against the risks related to the unexpected costs of health care. The source of coverage could still have an impact by the insurance coverage and financing alternatives that one has access to; Conversely, private insurance, social insurance, and the national health services are the types of healthcare systems by funding and provision. As we look to health care coverage and the reform of Obamacare, I’ll analyze the impact of the uninsured in the industry and look for a resolution to improve the…show more content…
There are providers, of public hospitals community and rural health centers, and local health department considered to be safety net providers that service the uninsured. But the result of increased demand has caused limited capacity and decreased treatment options due to eroding finances (KFF, 2013). In order to improve the well beings of Americans, it is imperative to establish a health care policy that will deliver comprehensive coverage for all. Therefore, a universal health care plan would be one recommendation, a course of action is to utilize the telemedicine doctors which is becoming more prevalent; As the demand grows there would be more than enough tele-doctors available for care. Another recommendation is to also use the Urgent Care centers as part of the universal healthcare system. The reason for these healthcare entities is because of the current structure; Provided, they are in place to deliver care at a more economical rate, than if you went to a hospital’s emergency room. Every American would be responsible for paying a minuscule amount toward the universal health care plan. Granted not everyone gets sick enough to need care, so its services should not be overworked; However, these entities should be used for preventive measures. Once tax deductions begin for the contributors, there needs to be a database set up to monitor
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