Health Care Reform and How the United States Got There.

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Health Care Reform and How the United States Got There.

For over a decade our healthcare system has been flawed, and for over a decade several Presidents have tried to reform the health industry with little success. Advocates of health care reform have been met with great controversy and resistance since as early as 1854 when President Franklin Pierce vetoed the “Land-Grant Bill for Indigent Insane Persons” that would benefit the indigent insane, “by arguing that the federal government should not commit itself to social welfare, which he believed was properly the responsibility of the states” ("Senate Debates On the Land-Grant Bill for Indigent Insane, 1854). Those apposed to change have fought diligently to cease the passing of any
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The topic of major healthcare reform would not come to pass again, until the 1992
Election, when President Clinton “made health care reform a centerpiece of his campaign.”
(Bok, 1998). After winning the election he quickly formed a committee to address the multitude of problems healthcare was having. After appointing Mrs. Clinton as the head of the task force and months of speculation, a 1000 page document was presented to Congress on September 1993 outlining the guarantee of basic healthcare for all Americans. “In a forceful tone, he urged the lawmakers to fix a health care system that is badly broken… giving very American health security --- health care that is always there, healthcare that can never be taken away” (Bok, 1998). Like his predecessors in the past, his plan would come to a standstill on September 26, 1994 “when Senate Leader George Mitchell announced that the health care legislation was dead” (Bok, 1998). By the time President Bush took office there was change in the air, but overall healthcare reform for all was not one of them. President’s Bush health care initiatives focused more on tax credits, Health Saving Accounts and changes in code for healthcare insurance, instead for the millions who lacked coverage. One of the biggest changes that came out of President Bush‘s term was the push today legislation that that would protect patient’s right in the healthcare
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