Health Care Reform and the Supreme Court

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Article Review "Health Care Reform and the Supreme Court (Affordable Care Act)" The article entitled "Health Care Reform and the Supreme Court (Affordable Care Act)," is a summary article on the three days of arguments made before the Supreme Court of the United States on the new Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as "Obamacare." As the article states, this case could very well be the one case that both President Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts are most remembered for. The article begins with a review of the third day of arguments in which the court took up the question of whether or not the entire law had to be struck down if the individual mandate was found to be unconstitutional. It was only last year that an Appeals Court in Atlanta found that the individual mandate, which requires every American to wither purchase health insurance or pay a penalty, was unconstitutional. However, the Appeals Court also found that the rest of the law was constitutional. It will be up to the Supreme Court to now decide if the individual mandate is constitutional or not, and if not, then whether the rest of the law can stand without it. The next part of the arguments dealt with the Affordable Care Act's expansion of Medicaid. The court is to decide whether or not the expansion of Medicaid is unduly coercive to the states. While the new law does give the states more money to expand Medicaid, it also adds a number of new regulations which the states feel give too much
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