Health Care Regulatory Agencies Paper

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Food and Drug Administration
Legal Issues in Healthcare
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Health care regulatory agencies supervise professional of the health care profession such as physicians, hospitals, and labs. Providing information in regards to changes in health care along with ensuring the safety and legal compliance and the quality of services provided to the public is the duty assigned to the agency. These agencies can range from the federal, all the way to the local level with the task of establishing rules and regulations for the health care industry to follow. The supervision of these is imperative. Fields of expertise range from disease control, health care providers, to food and drug.
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If there was a difference from the norm it should be stated on the label. Foods were not subjected to the same similar standards, however the law banned the addition of any component that would alternate the food, cover up damage, create a health risk, or amount to a dirty or decayed substance.

The FDA is made up of seven centers: the National Center for Toxicological Research Organization, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Organization, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research Organization, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Organization, Center for Tobacco Products Organization, Center for Veterinary Medicine Organization, and the Center for Devices and Radiological Health Organization.
On the FDA website there are sections that house the important information pertaining to pet safety and health, safety information and problems with human health products, and food safety. There are also press releases by the various industries and the FDA on recalls of different products.

There was a recent ruling that made the media headlines that shows how important the rulings of the FDA are to the public. On March 18, 2010 new rules were announced that have a strict impact on the way that the tobacco industry can sell and market smokeless products and cigarettes. In particular the advertising that targets the nation’s youth population. That law that takes effect on June 22,

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