Health Care Research Paper

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The health care system in the United States needs to be more reliable and easily accessible to those that need it. Increased coverage, affordable care for those with life-long disabilities and illness, and protections for those with pre-existing conditions is especially important. While the affordable care act grants protection to those with pre-existing conditions it is currently in jeopardy. The solution to this is exposure of this to the public. If the American people knew what this means and how important it is for the people that truly need it to survive then they would vote to protect those that need it. The problem is very big and the solution can be difficult. Americans need better health care that is on the same level if not…show more content…
During the Town Hall meeting the solution for this that was decided on was public awareness. If people understand what pre-existing conditions actually means nobody will want it to be taken away. Not many people actually want to take away protections of pregnant women, diabetics, or veterans suffering from PTSD. If the majority of the public was aware of how important these protections are and that it might be taken away with any kind of new health care reform the lawmakers might be more wary of taking it away.
The way to increase health care coverage, make it more accessible, and affordable is through single-payer health care. Single-payer health care is a system of health care which is financed by taxes to cover the costs of essential health care for all citizens. This means that someone with diabetes type 1 could receive all the insulin and diabetic supplies that they require to live a healthy life for free. Not having to worry about how much insulin they should use or if they will be able to afford insulin for the next month is something that should not be a concern this day and age. Single-payer health care covers all health care related resources with a single government related source that pays for it, usually through taxes.
In 2009 the United States spent 17% of its GDP on health care which is almost 50% more than the next highest spender which is Germany at 11%. Many first world countries such as Canada, South Korea,
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