Health Care Restructuring: Challenges and Benefits

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HEALTH CARE RESTRUCTURING ABSTRACT The organizational effectiveness is very critical and possesses many challenges to the hospital managers. The reforms in health care industry have tried to ensure that the quality of service improves provided the low costs. The hospital quality is ensured when there are fewer errors and the patients are satisfied from the services he received. In any hospital, not only the drugs and methods of treatment matter but also the organizational culture. The health care system in USA has seen many reforms from the time in Clinton to Obama. These reforms were effective yet there are gaps that need to be filled. Filling these gaps would mean that the uninsured patients will also get insurance. There are many theories for organizations and any of these can be helpful in improving organizational processes. There are theories that focus of organizational resources, strategies, values, norms and relationships. I believe that strategic and institutional theories of organizational effectiveness will suit the health care industry better in order to meet the challenges of the time. Else, if the challenges of the industry are not met, the costs will be uncontrolled and the managers will find it harder to offer quality health care services. The health care industry needs reforms in operations as well as culture. CONTENTS TOC o "1-3" h z u HYPERLINK l "_Toc362913808" Abstract PAGEREF _Toc362913808 h 1 HYPERLINK l "_Toc362913809" Contents PAGEREF
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