Health Care Services For Public Health Sector

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Health care services in public health sectors are organised at three levels, which are primary health care ,secondary health care and tertiary health care (Park 2009). The primary level of health services are providing through village teams, Sub-centres (SCs) and Primary Health Centres (PHCs). The Community Health Centres (CHCs), Sub-district Hospitals district hospitals and dispensaries make up the secondary level, and the teaching hospitals provided health care in tertiary level (Park 2009). Community health centers present for every 100,000 population which is 30 bedded multi-functional centers consists of 4 specialists, 3 medical officers and other paramedical staffs. Primary health centers available for every 30,000 rural population which is a 6 bedded center consists of 3 medical officers, one physician in every traditional medicine, midwives, nurses, a laboratory technician, a computer/statistician, driver, a male and female health assistant with no physiotherapist (WHO 2010). Sub centres available for every 5000 population at very remote areas (WHO 2010).
Private health sector:
This sector consists of not for profit and profit sectors (Kandaswamy 2012). The non- profit sector consists of non-governmental organizations, missions, charity organizations, trusts etc. The profit sector of private health consists of institutions and many types of practitioners. The profit sector delivers service through small and big hospitals, clinics, polyclinics, dispensaries,
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