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At present, the services sector continues to experience increasingly large growth, which occupies a privileged position in the country’s economy. The health service is situated in this part because of the essential services that it provides for individuals, community health and peoples. Furthermore, the health situation in a community presents an understandable picture of the extent of economic, social and cultural development, which is why countries aspire to make progress and to increase interest in the services provided by health institutions.
Undoubtedly the health care service is facing an increasingly complex challenge regarding the provision of high – quality services. According to the complexity of health care services and systems, exploring and explaining the availability, utilisation, costs, quality and accessibility; the delivery and continuity of health care services is the key to informing government officials, health insurers, health providers, and the public and decision makers on the subject of health-related issues. Therefore, deciding health care needs and providing correct reactions to them ought not to be just the employment of specialists. Rather, it must include the cooperation of different specialists who work with and in the health care system consistently (Ashworth et al., 1992).
In spite of the fact that suppliers recognise that they need to accomplish something (i.e., order a test, prescribe medication) to meet patients’ expectations regarding the
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