Health Care Setting Communication And Teamwork

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In the health care setting communication and teamwork is paramount. They are both essential in providing high quality of care to patients. Health care professionals will have unique roles that ultimately piece together to reach a common goal and that is to provide a safe environment to satisfy their duties as practitioners to achieve a high standard of care and positive outcomes for patients. Interdisciplinary communication and teamwork among distinct medical workers is an integral part of professional development as it provides insight into one’s own role as well as the role of others involved in providing necessary care for patients. This report will explore examples of different healthcare roles involved in providing care for a patient with a chronic illness and compare and contrast the differences among these roles in providing care for this patient (Byers & White 2004) (Mickan & Rodger 2000).
A young 27 year old Caucasian female presented to the emergency department and was transferred to a resuscitation room. The patient was known to have insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and exhibited symptoms of fatigue, confusion, malaise, shortness of breath, sweaty and was also identified to have a fever and sore throat. In response to this clinical information, a mobile chest x-ray was ordered by the emergency team. A nurse and physician were the initial point of contact upon admission to the hospital. More about their individual roles will be discussed later.…
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