Health Care Should Be Provided By The Government

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Health Care Should Be Provided by the Government All people, including immigrants, should have health care coverage from the countries’ government based on their income, household members, and occupations. People have a lot of stress in their daily lives because of health problems and the high expense of health care especially for who are care about a future. Many immigrants who cannot afford health insurance go to work even if they are sick and not feeling well. If they go to a hospital, they have to pay for the medicines and fees themselves, on top of possibly losing money by not working. There are many people have the problem, health care declining, have a difficulty pay for following reasons. First of all, many people in the world have problems with, or are unhappy with their health care. Some of them have debt from medical bills and physician fees. Dues to this issue some families try to pay it off by limiting food at home or cutting other necessities such as utility bills and clothes. Some families have even lost a loved one when it should not have happened. “The World Health Organization places France at the top of a list of the World Health Systems-and notes that either Canada or the U.S. even makes the top 25. With a great deal of the cost covered by the government” (Anthea). Other country should also cover by the government so people have less stress than not cover at all. Many people health is declining, and with the risk of dying early due to
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