Health Care : Social Work Essay

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This paper will focus on what health care; social work is. It will also discuss my personal self-reflection on how I will prepare to work with individuals, families, and communities affected by disease, illness and public health issues. Lastly a brief self- appraisal of my skills will be processed along with my hope to assist individuals, families and communities in a healthcare context.
To introduce what health care, social work, is it’s important to examine it from a historical standpoint. Due to the complexity of the medical model and the confusion about what health care social work is it must be defined (Gregorian,2005). In order to clearly define what health care; social work is it is crucial to know the ideas that established this profession. In the eighteen nineties the idea that was proposed said “that it was not possible to restore health without considering all of the factors in the patient 's environment” (Gehlert & Browne,(2011).p.8) This introduced the start of the professional health care social worker as defined by the standards used in the medical field at that time (Gehlert & Browne,2011).
The formation of health care social work began in the early twentieth century (Gehlert & Browne 2012). It focused on the treatment of ailing individuals suffering from or affected with a physical illness (Gehlert & Browne, 2011). The need for treatment sparked the discussion of where should the application of remedies for the patient be conducted. These discussions
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